5200 Pleasant Hill Rd., Prairie Grove, IL 60012
Weekdays: 7:30am to Dusk
Weekends: 7:00am to Dusk

MCC Courses

*Summer and Fall 2020 Semester canceled due to COVID-19*

Get yourself in the swing of things this summer and take a golf class offered by McHenry County College at 6-7:50 pm on Mondays & Wednesdays in the Spring, Summer, and Fall Semesters. Classes are taught at the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta, 5200 Pleasant Hill Road in Prairie Grove.

Participants will learn the basic fundamentals of golf, including grip, posture, ball position, and alignment, along with the basic skills of swinging a club, short game, etiquette and safety. Practice developing a simple, powerful, repeatable swing at the range and finish with the short game. Bring your own clubs, if you have them, including a driver, 7-iron, pitching or sand wedge and a putter. Contact the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta if you need to borrow clubs at (815) 355-4225. Classes will not be cancelled due to weather as the Golf Academy at Terra Cotta has an indoor facility.

To register, call the MCC Registration Office at (815) 455-8588 or register online at www.mchenry.edu/myMCC. For more information, contact the golf academy at 815-355-4225 or the instructor Kaylee Ross at 815-482-4377.

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