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2022 Outdoor Season Memberships

The Golf Academy at Terra Cotta offers Outdoor Range Memberships for the 2022 season. The season will run from the day we open the outdoor range(spring) until the day we close the outdoor range(fall), these dates are TBD. Range membership does not include the indoor simulators or practice bays. You are entitled to unlimited range balls during the 2022 season off our grass tee or off our mats if the grass tee is unplayable due to weather. Range members cannot share their buckets or pyramids with family or friends.

Types of Memberships:

Single Membership: $450

Parent & Child 13 Years Old & Younger: $525

Parent & Child 14-15 Years Old: $625

Parent & Child 16-18 Years Old: $725

Family Memberships: Call to inquire on price. (Based on Number of Family Members)

For questions regarding memberships please call: 815-355-4225

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