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Mike Haase

Mike Haase

Mike is a Class A PGA Professional and has been teaching and club fitting for 21 years.  He is a TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) Certified Fitness Professional and is also the founder and tournament director for the MCJGA(McHenry County Junior Golf Association). He previously worked on the PGA Tour as a club fitter and club builder. Mike is available for individual or group lessons to help you with any aspect of your game, including: full swing, short game, course management, golf fitness, and the mental side of the game.

Teaching Philosophy

*    I stress the importance of solid set up fundamentals (grip, posture, ball placement, alignment).
*    I use a variety of training aids and drills to accelerate the learning process and ingrain the desired skills.
*    I use video analysis when necessary to help the student comprehend the information being presented and to provide valuable feedback.
*    I use a variety of strategies to help the student comprehend the information being presented based on their learning style.
*    I do everything I can to make the lesson fun for the student.  I believe an individual that is enjoying the learning process is much more likely to improve his or her game.

Lesson Rates

 Mike Haase’s Rates  Individual  Series of 5
 ½ HOUR $80 $320
 1 HOUR $140 $560
 ½ HOUR – Sr./Jr. $70 $280
 1 HOUR – Sr./Jr. $120 $480
 1 HOUR – 2 ADULTS $150 $600
 1 HOUR – PARENT & 1 Jr. $140 $560
 1 HOUR – 2 Jrs. $130 $520
   3 PEOPLE (price per person) $60 $240
   4 PEOPLE (price per person) $55 $220

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