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Ed Kirkpatrick

Ed Kirkpatrick
Stop struggling with swing faults caused by movement restrictions. Ed will provide you with a TPI Body-Swing Connection screen and a workout that will give you incredible results.
The process begins with a free consultation and movement screen.
Fitness and Performance:
6-Week On-Demand Video Training Package: $159:
Train on your own using a state-of-the-art on-demand system that's customized specifically to your needs. Available from any device. Includes a free consultation, TPI Body-Swing Connection Screening, coaching support, and a 6-week workout plan. Future screens are $99.
5-Session 1 on 1 Training Package: $399 to $798

Train 1 on 1 and experience incredible improvements in the least amount of time, and learn how to maintain your gains for the long-term. Includes all screens, the on-demand workout plans for mobility and power, and coaching support beyond our sessions.
5-Session 1 on 1 Junior Elite Training Package: $349 to $698
Providing an incredible competitive edge to junior golf athletes, private training with Ed Kirkpatrick is centered around the Body-Swing Connection. The goal is to build them into powerful and balanced ball strikers.  Junior Elite Training begins with the screening of mobility, balance, strength and power, providing a very specific starting point for each athlete. A highly customized golf training plan is created from the screening results.  
Golf Lessons:
If you are new to golf and want to learn the game in a safe, fun atmosphere, come to Ed's Adult Beginner Golf Classes held throughout the spring and summer.
1-Hour Adult Beginner Golf group classes: $99
If you want to hone your chipping and pitching skills with a simple and highly effective method, attend Ed's Chipping and Pitching Intensive Workshop.
4- 1 Hour Chipping and Pitching Intensive Workshop (group): $99
60-minute Private Lesson Package:
5-Sessions: $399
60-minute K-Vest Lesson Package: $499
30-minute Private Lesson Package: 
5-Sessions: $199
For more information or to schedule a free consultation, visit fitlaggolf.com.
Ed can also be reached at 815-529-9458 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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