5200 Pleasant Hill Rd., Prairie Grove, IL 60012
Weekdays: 7:30am to Dusk
Weekends: 7:00am to Dusk
Two TruGolf Simulators with 69 courses, including Pinehurst (2014 U.S. Open), and Gleneagles (2014 Ryder Cup).
Indoor Playoffs: win an indoor/outdoor membership for a year.
Two practice bays open to the public.
To schedule a lesson call: 815-355-4225.
To contact the Pro Shop: (815) 355-4225
To Schedule a Club Fitting Call: (815) 355-4225
Junior golf year round - for more information call: 815-355-4225.
To schedule a TPI assessment call: 815-355-4225.

Indoor Practice Facility

The Golf Academy at Terra Cotta features two state-of-the-art indoor practice bays open to the public. Both practice bays are equipped with a ForeSight launch monitor and video cameras (face on and down the line) providing you with the feedback you need to significantly accelerate your learning process.

$30 -- hour

$18 -- half hour

Indoor Value Cards

Buy 10 & Get 2 FREE

12 Hours for the price of 10: $300, Save $60
12 Half Hours for the price of 10: $180, Save $36




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