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TPI Trainings

Ed Kirkpatrick:                     (815)529-9458                                  
Fitness Director

Ed's passion is helping clients unleash their athletic potential using golf-specific assessment and progression in strength, power and core training. Ed believes every golfer is unique, Golf improvement fitness training is not "one size fits all." Each clients fitness plan is customized with the goal of enhancing strengths and improving limitations in their golf swing. Ed is a certified fitness professional with a special emphasis in training for golf and fitness performance.

Ed's Accreditations

National Strength and Conditioning Association, CPT, TSAC-F
Titleist Performance Institute Certified - TPI
Muscle Activation Techniques MAT-Jump Start Certified
TRX Certified
MCC F.I.T Credited
25 years of education experience  


Golf - FIT (1 hour)
A top to bottom circuit class that is all about improving your body for golf. Its a fun and varied fast-track class to golf fitness and a great calorie burn to boot.

TRX (1 hour)
The TRX Suspension Trainer is the original, best-in-class workout system that leverages gravity to your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. Its a very effective total body workout for people of all ages and all fitness levels.

Golf - Core (30 minutes)
Dramatically increase your rotational power. A short but challenging class for all ages and all fitness levels.

TPI - Group (1 hour)
The Titleist Performance Institute method is the worldwide gold standard in golf assessment and training. Start with a TPI Assessment and improve your specific swing inefficiencies in an instructor led group training atmosphere using TPI workouts. Extremely effective and fun! For more information, visit www.myTPI.com

M.A.T. Muscle Activation Techniques
- A revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion within the human body.

Fitness Class Rates

$10 per 1 hour class (12 pack: $110)
$7 per 30 minute class (12 pack: $77)
M.A.T. rates not included
Class Schedule available on www.zenplanner.com

Private Personal Training Session Rates

Session Length     Individual     5 Sessions     10 Sessions     20 Sessions

                                                                                               1 Free                    3 Free
Half hour                        $40                     $200                     $360                       $720
1 hour                            $60                     $300                     $540                       $1020

Session Length     2 Clients       5 Sessions     10 Sessions     20 Sessions
Prices are per client                                                               1 Free                    3 Free
Half hour                        $30                     $150                     $270                      $510
1 Hour                            $40                     $200                     $360                      $680

Session Length     3-6 Clients    5 Sessions     10 Sessions     20 Sessions
Prices are per client                                                                1 Free                    3 Free
Half Hour                       $20                     $100                       $180                      $340
1 Hour                           $25                     $125                       $225                      $425

TPI Assessment Only: $75
TPI 1 on 1 Training: Same rates as individual personal training
TPI Interment Training Plan: $50

**5% discount on above class rates for current-year GATC members.
**Rates and classes schedule subject to change without notice.

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